Application Areas

Higeco boasts many solutions that can be employed in different areas. Through the years, Higeco has excelled in monitoring photovoltaic plants, but its products have also been employed in many aeolian and geothermic installations. As far as energy audit is concerned, Higeco produces specifically designed softwares to monitor energy consumption in both industrial and commercial installations. These softwares enable users to remotely manage lights, air conditioning and environmental comfort devices.


Higeco specialises in monitoring domestic, commercial and industrial photovoltaic plants but it can also be used in the aeolic and geotermic fields. It designes and produces innovative solutions to communicate directly with any device and machine of the plant.


At a time when energy consumption is on everyone’s lips, Higeco stands in the energy management market, supplying hardware and software solutions to efficiently monitor, analyse and manage energy consumption.


The need to transform industrial machines into intelligent objects has increased greatly in the past years. Thanks to Higeco systems, all machines and technology devices can be connected to the Internet and share online data on their functioning.