C-Core OS plug-in software for the Higeco Cloud portal.


Renewable energy, energy analysis, Industry 4.0, smart city, HVAC, industrial automation. We have developed specific software plug-ins for each application which can be combined to create customised monitoring software.


Simple and detailed interfaces so you can monitor all the data collected by your installations. Each dashboard is easily customised together with a range of reports and graphs as complex as you want. You have full control: it’s that simple.


Thanks to the flexibility of the H-Core OS plug-ins, each datalogger can have a software dedicated to one or more types of applications. This means you get to maximise efficiency and effectiveness in analysing and processing your data.


We provide all our customers with an intuitive web application free of charge. The App allows you to consult data and perform operations on your installations remotely. Android and IOS supported.

Plug-in C-Core OS

The C-Core OS plug-in series is part of the software that allows the Higeco Cloud portal to be configured for single or multiple applications. This series adds specific functionalities to the base system of the portal, expanding its scope of use.

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