HSI + is a data logger capable of acquiring data from low voltage (BT) electronic products and managed remotely by e-distribution (ENEL) and making them accessible in different operating modes. Data can be uploaded to a Higeco portal, or to a generic FTP server. The system is equipped with a user interface for consultation and management accessible via WEB browser (we recommend Firefox). Three configurable digital inputs are available and a RS485 communication port can be used freely in master mode. The connectivity of HSI Plus to the Internet is ensured by:

  • Ethernet network port
  • optional USB adaptor for Wi-Fi connection optional
  • UMTS/GPRS USB modem

In the case of Prosumer customers (producers / consumers of electricity) HSI+ can interface both with the exchange and production meters. If there are multiple production meters, support is limited to a single meter, allowing the customer to choose which one to monitor. The minimum frequency of guaranteed data update is 15 minutes, as specified by e-distribution. The Higeco HSI+ communicates with the Smart Meter according to ENEL’s Telemanagement protocol, both with single-phase and three-phase meters, without compromising the quality of operation. HSI+ can also be used as a data collection system for other HSI gateways, extending its area of use to all those situations which require the monitoring of multiple BT meters.

Web App
USB modem

Additional information

Direct acquiring data from low voltage electronic meters
Energy management and energy analysis
Integration with ERP o SCADA
Collect and exchange data with third-party server via FTP