The HSI protocol gateway (Higeco smart info) acquires data from low voltage electronic meters (BT) produced and controlled remotely by e-distribution (ENEL) and makes it accessible through the RTU modbus protocol via serial 485. In the case of Prosumer customers (producers / consumers of electricity) HSI can interface both with the exchange and production meters. If there are multiple production meters, support is limited to a single meter, allowing the customer to choose which one to monitor. The minimum frequency of guaranteed data update is 15 minutes, as specified by e-distribution. The Higeco HSI communicates with the Smart Meter according to ENEL’s Telemanagement protocol, both with single-phase and three-phase meters, without compromising the quality of operation. For applications where multiple meters need to be monitored at the same time, we offer the Higeco HSI +.

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Acquisition of data from low voltage electronic meters
PLC to Modbus RTU converter
ERP and SCADA integration
Time slot division