Photovoltaic – Lequile

Monitoring System Revamping

Realized in 2011
Lequile (LE)


In 2014 we did a revamping intervention for a client whose monitoring system and photovoltaic installation became inefficient after the bankrupt of the company which had built the installation. After the first survey, we found the employed system to have many problems caused by its excessiveness. Indeed, the system was poorly organised, owing to the employment of industrial computers, RS485 communication lines (together with their converters) and man unused sensors (such as pyranometers and temperature probes). The system was basically too complex and it had a huge impact on our client’s finances.


Here is the solution Higeco has designed to solve the problem:
First of all, we have replaced the racks with a small switchboard containing a GWC and an HSE (which are respectivelly a datalogger and a signal converter produced by HIGECO).
Using serial port RS485, the datalogger can connect directly to the following peripheral devices:
– Inverters
– String boxes
– Weather station (or other sensor already employed)
– Interface protection
Exchange and delivery meters can be read directly by the converter, shich we installed in place of the damaged optical probe we found.

Using two small industrial hardware produced by us, we have solved the client’s problem in a smooth and efficient way. Our monitoring system also assures a precise and punctual reading of the data. In closing, thanks to our software and our advanced alarm management, we have simplified the technician’s job, guaranteeing immediate interventions.