A complete solution for industrial monitoring.

Higeco systems are designed to be remote monitoring and control tools able to adapt to many kinds of applications in industrial, photovoltaic or energy management fields. Indeed, they are power monitoring systems that can be used to manage photovoltaic plants or the energy efficiency in any civil, commercial or industrial environment. Our GWC datalogger (Generic Web Controller), whose hardware and software are both designed and produced internally, can collect data from the connected devices and send records via an Internet connection to a server, from where data can be remotely consulted. Using specific applications, entirely developed by Higeco, the user can monitor many aspects of the installation, among which the quality and quantity of the energy consumed and/or produced by a photovoltaic or industrial plant.


Higeco produces a wide variety of tools designed to collect and elaborate data harvested from the devices and machines present in industrial plants. Featuring an ARM Cortex-A8 and an internal memory, Higeco GWCs can create a state-of-the-art power monitoring system, managing all data of a photovoltaic system, sending real time alarms and generating charts and graphic reports.


Higeco selection for power monitoring systems consists of portable tools designed to monitor, analyse and manage the energy consumption of an installation. Higeco Energy Box is a great example: featuring a GWC, an energy meter with 3 Rogowsky coils and a UMTS modem, it is the perfect instrument to carry out a thorough energy analysis and plan energy saving actions. The Energy Box monitors the fundamental electrical quantities, records alarms and sends data to a server via the UMTS modem or the field pre-existing Internet connection.


Photovoltaic systems often feature many devices that need to be connected through a reserved communication channel. For this purpose, Higeco has designed its HSE which adds an RS485-RS422 port to the GWC, allowing the user to divide inverters and string boxes from meters and meteo stations, avoiding possible disturbance when collecting data. As far as converters are concerned, Higeco has designed the HRC, a repeater-insulator for the RS485 port which ensures a galvanic insulation and regenerates signals, improving their reach. The HRC also functions as a signal converter from RS485 to RS232.



Sicurezza trattamento dati (VPN), Business intelligence, Terze parti (FTP-API), Plug-in software, Personalizzazione, Storage, Allarmistica.


Gamma hardware, Modularità, Personalizzazione, Elaborazione dati inlocale, Programmabilità


Misuratori / sensori / attuatori, Gateaway, Macchine industriali e non (inverter, convertitori, misuratori…), Mobility,HVAC.