Remote monitoring and control systems.

Higeco specialises in the creation of industrial remote monitoring and control systems. We are a young company with a long experience: founded by field professionals, we aim at supplying solutions for multi-application Internet of Things through technical know-how and constant innovation. Higeco solutions are versatile tools specifically designed for remote collection, elaboration and consultation of data.

Higeco remote monitoring systems are customised according to the plant and the customer needs and are supported by a hardware designed and produced in house, guaranteeing the highest degree of satisfaction in every application area.



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Higeco Systems

Hardware,software, web portal. A complete platform for industrial monitoring

Higeco remote monitoring systems are designed to be 360 degrees data collecting and remote control devices.

The GWCs (Generic Web Controllers), entirely designed and produced in house, collect data from the devices they are connected to, while the embedded software analyses and elaborates data and makes it accessible online for remote consultation.

All our products are completely customizable by users, who can install and configure our plug ins in complete liberty. Our ready-to-use dataloggers can be easily installed without the help of our customer service; however, our technical support is always available and can be contacted via email or phone call at any time.

Photovoltaic systems and renewable energies are only two of the many areas which Higeco remote monitoring systems can be employed in. Indeed, Higeco solutions are also used to efficiently monitor, analyse and manage energy consumption and in IOT applications for Industry 4.0.



Higeco GWC

GWC is the acronym of “Generic Web Controller” and is the hardware designed and produced by Higeco. Our GWCs guarantee high performances and can easily connect with field devices.