Monitoring and remote control

Collect data and remotely control industrial plants and machinery.

Zero time-to-market

Immediate and self-service activation to immediately benefit from the advantages of Higeco CLOUD

System open to integration

Save on installation costs by directly integrating your devices with our system


Your complete industrial monitoring and remote control platform.

Implement complex IoT projects and make your industrial machinery more technologically advanced by offering your customers Industry 4.0 compatible products. Through our monitoring system, you can collect data directly from electronic devices and transmit and process it remotely by integrating any of the third-party systems you prefer. You can customize the software and interfaces with maximum flexibility, improving user experience and facilitating the work of those who use the data to increase your company’s profitability.

The Higeco industrial monitoring and remote control platform is the perfect tool for the remote control of machinery. It allows you to send commands and modify any accessible parameter of on-board electronics via a secure private network and mobile devices. Better performance, more efficient service, and happier customers for any sector:

  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Industry 4.0 for machinery manufacturers
  • Industrial refrigeration
  • HVAC
  • Industrial automation
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20 years

of worldwide experience

Discover the advantages of our industrial machinery monitoring platform.

Higeco offers a complete and customizable solution for all your data collection and processing needs from both local and remote electronic and electromechanical devices.


Why choose Higeco as a global technology partner


Our products can be freely integrated with third-party systems. They offer reliable, technologically advanced and, above all, open solutions for data exchange with other electronic devices. With our dataloggers, you are no longer bound to any particular technology supplier.


Customization. We create monitoring and remote control software according to your specifications, in order to guarantee you the best possible interaction with the remotely controlled system. Customize interfaces, operating logic and automations to mould your monitoring platform to the way you work.


We make it easy to manage and exchange data collected by electronic devices and industrial machinery. Using our cloud services and dedicated web apps, you can centralize all the information coming from your machinery, consult it safely and securely, and send commands remotely from wherever you are.

Keep your products in step with Industry 4.0 by choosing Higeco as your technology partner.

Thanks to Higeco’s industrial monitoring platform, your machines will be able to keep up with the 4th industrial revolution right from the production line.