Custom software for industrial monitoring.

Minimize your total costs of ownership (TCO) by taking advantage of our ecosystem of ready-to-use applications and tailor-made interfaces, modify the management and data exchange logic between machines, and model the monitoring system on the real needs of your business, your application, or your customers.

Choosing our products means maximum configurability for your network of industrial monitoring devices, making it efficient and free of feature redundancy, and, above all, effective with all the specific features needed by your company, your O&M team, or your customers.

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Discover the added value of our software.

Higeco offers you the features of a monitoring and remote control system with all the flexibility of a software that can be customized without coding. 


Our software

Standard or Custom. With us, you will always have what your business needs.

Higeco software gives you the means to interact directly with monitored machinery and devices. The basic plugins already come with all the features to satisfy most industrial IoT needs. However, for the most demanding customers, an integrated software development kit (SDK) is available for easily customizing projects.

Reduce development costs by using Plugin Creator to create new applications, adapting them to the specific needs of your business or your customers. You can do this quickly and easily using an intuitive drag & drop editor or by implementing the code yourself.


Everything you need for industrial IOT.

Real-time data export

Share any data in real time with other systems via Modbus TCP/IP protocol

Driver manager

Develop and modify your own Modbus RTU/TCP drivers.

FTP Export

Send any data to a remote FTP folder.

Page creator

Create overviews and interfaces for your datalogger with this drag & drop editor.


Manage the automatic sending of commands to your devices by calendar

VPN Connection

Create secure VPN connections directly from the datalogger, without having to invest in additional devices

Alarms manager

Create and customize the alarms of monitored machinery.


Enable automatic operation logic in action-reaction mode

MT Connect

Take advantage of Industry 4.0 protocols and tax benefits

Mail tool

Create custom reports and automatically send them by email.

NMEA GPS reader

Locate your devices wherever they are in the world.

Advanced Data Aggregation

Elabora i dati raccolti attraverso l’implementazione di formule matematiche.

Double BackUp

Process the data collected via the application of mathematical formulas.

User profiles

Manage data access according to user categories.