Higeco specialises in the creation of industrial remote monitoring and control systems. We design, develop and deliver innovative solutions, backed by a first hand experience gained through direct contact with customers and their applications. Technical know-how and professionalism are the foundation of our technologically advanced products, designed to meet the challenges of a changing market. Higeco aims at supplying hi-tech solutions able to efficiently manage data collected from meters and industrial machines, allowing users to manage data collected from the devices of photovoltaic and industrial plants.


Dynamism and attention to detail have allowed Higeco to obtain ISO 9001:2008 quality certification.


Simplify, innovate, excel.

Exploiting technology advances and innovation, Higeco professionals aim at designing versatile devices for the Internet of Things, enabling users to collect, elaborate and access data from everywhere. Tailor made softwares, purpose-built to serve the specific needs of customers, combine with hardware entirely designed and produced internally to guarantee the greatest degree of satisfaction in every application area.


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Higeco designs and produces in house all its products, which are constantly developed and updated. A range of hardware and software solutions designed to satisfy all the monitoring needs.

Application Areas

Renewable energies, energy audit and HVAC are only two of the many areas in which Higeco products, designed for IOT and Industry 4.0, can be employed.

Case History

Do you want to find out how Higeco can solve your problems and offer you solutions? Visit our case history page and discover if Higeco is the right company for your needs.