Innovation and efficiency thanks to a single system for managing your assets wherever they are in the world.

We believe that Big Data technology brings a decisive competitive advantage in the era of digitalization.
For this reason, our company, in addition to creating advanced solutions for data collection and remote control, has decided to do something more: make them fully open to integration with third-party systems. We want to offer a platform that covers every machinery remote monitoring and control need, plus the freedom to integrate all the technologies and devices you choose.
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Discover the added value of the Higeco platform

End-to-end services and solutions for monitoring and remote control of machines, for IIOT projects and Industry 4.0.



The global technological partner for the monitoring of industrial machinery and IoT.

Higeco is a modern, technological company with over a decade of experience in the industrial remote control and monitoring sector. Thanks to our acquired know-how and skills, we can offer data collection, monitoring and remote control solutions that cover all the needs of manufacturing companies in the fourth industrial revolution.

  • Data collection from machinery and electronic devices
  • Customized software and hardware monitoring
  • Remote control of machinery
  • M2M cellular technology with worldwide coverage
  • Integration of third-party devices